12/6/2021, 11:00am

What Taylor has taught us

 As Christmas Break approaches quickly, so does the end of a season at Taylor for many seniors graduating at the end of this semester. Looking back on the last few years, a few seniors share Taylor’s impact on their lives.

12/6/2021, 11:00am

Modern Solutions Required

 Oprah Winfrey used to write a column entitled “Things I know for sure.” She admitted in an interview that this title was intimidating in and of itself because there are so few things we know to be unequivocally true.

12/6/2021, 11:00am

A platform with a purpose

 Though it currently boasts over ten thousand followers, sophomore Savannah Strieter’s Instagram profile  — @savstrieter — came from humble beginnings. Strieter’s account first emerged in middle school with the handle “God’s Little Princesses,” claiming a support base of 98 followers.