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The Echo
Taylor University, Upland, IN
Monday, June 24, 2024
The Echo

Life & Times

Senior Katie Pfotzer reflects on her upcoming transition.

Modern Solutions Required


In the Spring of 2019, I interviewed JoAnn Rediger for an article about her retirement and something she said has always stuck with me. I asked her what she had planned for her retirement. “What’s next?” Rediger said. “The seniors and I have that in common. We both keep getting that question.”

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What’s on your Taylor Bucket List?


With all of the chaos, it’s crucial to remember that college is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and everyone should live in the moment. Though Taylor University sits between cornfields, and Upland is a small place, there’s plenty to do before you leave. Here are some items to consider adding to your Taylor bucket list.


Brewing community


From iced coffee energy boosts to warm chai with friends, The Jumping Bean is the ideal place to convene for coffee and community. 


Spring Greens: A dorm guide to houseplants


Whether you’re hoping to grow an indoor jungle or just have something to keep you company during the midnight grind, here are my top three pieces of advice for an aspiring greenhouse grad. 


Navigating the Asian-American identity


Reflecting on his own journey, Chu admits that he did not realize how unique his childhood was until his daughters were born. He struggles not only with the tension of cultures intersecting in his own life, but also with the reality his daughters face as bi-racial individuals living in a predominantly white community.