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Huseman follows an unexpected path

“I said, word for word, you will never see me as a MAHE student,” senior Noah Huseman said. “Two months later, I applied to MAHE.” These kinds of unexpected switch-ups aren’t uncommon occurrences for the fifth-year senior. His time at Taylor has been defined by doors opening and closing, even when it isn’t obvious. 

Saying goodbye to the back page of The Echo

I can’t say for certain that everyone reading this has any clue who I am. Even weekly readers of The Echo may gloss over sports, and gloss over who’s writing certain stories. 

Silent Night game returns to Taylor University

 “One of the first days I came to Taylor, I asked, ‘What is there to do around here?’” Lucas Magaldi said in a 2019 Indiana Pacers feature on Silent Night. “And they’re like, ‘Well, we have Silent Night.’"