Manuel is grateful to have studied at Handong Global University in South Korea.
Manuel is grateful to have studied at Handong Global University in South Korea.

2/21/2024, 12:00am

Manuel spends fall across Pacific Ocean

Student shares study abroad experience

Taylor’s study abroad program can take one from the north of Indiana to the south of Korea. Junior global studies major Kenedy Manuel spent the past fall semester studying abroad in Pohang, a city of approximately 500,000 people residing in the southeast corner of South Korea.

2/21/2024, 12:00am

Elizabeth Parker: the theology of story

Whether marveling in the poet Keats’ house in Rome or delighting in Dante’s Divine Comedy in the basement of Metcalf, Elizabeth Parker inhabits the junction of faith and literature.

12/6/2023, 12:00am

Where storytelling and art intersect

Everyone has a story, and every story deserves to be shared. One freshmen twin duo is using their talents to showcase the diversity of the kingdom of God by telling their stories and the stories of others.

11/22/2023, 12:00am

Taylor legacy spotlight: Sisson family

Some students may be the first of their family to come to Taylor, while others may have had many come before them. However, Taylor has witnessed multiple generations of the Sisson family.

11/22/2023, 12:00am

Olson 2023 theme draws from John 15

Selk was a discipleship assistant (DA) on her wing during her sophomore year. At that time, she felt that the Lord impressed upon her through prayer the vision she has for the leadership of Olson Hall’s team of DAs this year.

11/15/2023, 12:00am

Semester overseas: Patience in Paris

This semester, senior Patience Sakeuh has traded the cornfields of Indiana for French pastries, museum tours and flea markets. That’s right. Sakeuh, a global studies major, has been studying abroad in Paris, France!

11/15/2023, 12:00am

The face behind the business: Goodness Grace Design

The COVID-19 pandemic was a trying time for small businesses across the globe.However, for freshman Grace Gillmar, it proved to be an unexpectedly fruitful season. This was when she experienced the birth and launch of her brand, Goodness Grace Design (GGD).

11/8/2023, 12:00am

Otto experiences truth, training, two-week internship

Conrad Otto, a senior majoring in multimedia journalism, found himself in the Great Plains at Sioux Center, Iowa, just a day and a half after his junior year ended. He was here to test his skills in journalism at Dordt University with a two-week internship at the World Journalism Institute.

11/7/2023, 12:00am

Freshman Nathan 'Burns' the competition

Nathan Burns is an exciting addition to the Taylor University men’s cross-country team, as he has exploded into stride taking the number one position on the team and breaking course records. As a talented runner who has dominated throughout high school, what led him to Taylor? 

11/2/2023, 12:00am

Watts releases fourth full-length album

It is not typical of the average college student to end a long day of classes with long hours in the recording studio, but for junior music composition major Ethan Watts, this is second nature.

11/1/2023, 12:00am

ROTC: discipline, friendship, service

When freshman Ezra Holt entered ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) at Taylor University, he expected to find a strict and impersonal program. Instead, he found his expectations to be drastically incorrect.

10/25/2023, 12:00am

Weikel points local youth to Christ

Senior Jake Weikel, a Christian ministries major from Westfield, Indiana, is working with Eastbrook High School’s chapter of Decision Point (formerly known as National School Project). This organization focuses on equipping high school students for evangelism.

10/11/2023, 12:00am

Tammy Nunley: A mother to many

Tammy Nunley always wanted more than one child. Now, she feels as if God gave her 3,000 more. As students pick their food and swipe their cards at the Student Center or in Euler, there is a good chance they will step into a line where warm words will be waiting for them at the end.