Kendall Beck


The face behind the business: Goodness Grace Design

The COVID-19 pandemic was a trying time for small businesses across the globe.However, for freshman Grace Gillmar, it proved to be an unexpectedly fruitful season. This was when she experienced the birth and launch of her brand, Goodness Grace Design (GGD).

Watts releases fourth full-length album

It is not typical of the average college student to end a long day of classes with long hours in the recording studio, but for junior music composition major Ethan Watts, this is second nature.

Creating room for authentic worship

There’s always room to worship the Lord, no matter the current posture of our hearts. Knowing this, student chapel band leaders Josiah Gonzales and Tristina Tucker, have grown to see chapel leadership as a way of honoring whatever season the student body finds themselves in.

Meeting God in the Tetons

This summer, sophomores — and best friends — Anna Runion and Lauren Dykes found themselves drawn to a three-month adventure serving the Lord in the Tetons.