Kendall Beck


Rice Pilaf reflects on first two shows

The members of Rice Pilaf are grateful for what they consider a “weird energy” that surrounds the group this year. Rice Pilaf, often shortened to Pilaf, is Taylor’s improvisational comedy club.

The RedBarn: Ministry serves Upland

Troy and Liz Shockey embody the word “hospitality.” Together, the Upland-based couple have embraced leadership of The RedBarn, an after-school ministry for Eastbrook students grades 6-12.

Russell, Yoder share vision for WTUR

WTUR is committed to embracing their mission as boldly in real life as it is displayed across their website: “We strive to provide a professional and positive voice for Taylor University, integrating Christian faith and culture.”

Reed Spencer balances teaching and life with newborn twins

Dr. Reed Spencer has found empowerment in what he’s declared “The Year of Delegation.” This is Spencer’s 4th year in his position as assistant professor of music and director of choral ensembles. However, he is not new to the Taylor community.