Marco Aguirre


Taylor legacy spotlight: Sisson family

Some students may be the first of their family to come to Taylor, while others may have had many come before them. However, Taylor has witnessed multiple generations of the Sisson family.

Neel steps into hall director position

Samuel Morris Hall — a hall whose third iteration was established in 1998 and that is home to an estimated quantity of 280 students — welcomed David Neel (’15) as its new hall director this fall.

Mainstage entertains campus with music-oriented events

What’s not to love about music and dance? The sounds that fly across the audience to give you a taste of life’s nightly flavors, and our expression of the passion for life is the dance of the moment.  Fortunately, our university has the opportunity to relish these special events, and who does it have to thank? Taylor’s Mainstage!