Marissa Muljat


ASIA Org promotes cultural awareness

Seeking to represent and spread awareness of Asian culture and experiences is a key objective of the Asian Society for Intercultural Awareness Organization at Taylor.

Reagan, Rice explain set design process

Every time a play or musical is performed in Mitchell Theatre, the stage setup looks drastically different. The immense structures, carefully painted details, creative design elements and intentionally placed props all meld together to create a stunning piece of art.

Dean of Sciences shares experiences

While much of the Taylor community knows Grace Miller for her work as dean of natural and applied sciences, few know that she is also a talented artist, former backpacking guide and National Park ranger, traveler to 32 countries, former missionary and mother of two children.

Peterson, Sumner ring in the new year

When alumna Leigh Sumner (‘21) joined the Taylor Summer Programs as a personnel assistant, she had no idea the program would change her life. And Samuel Morris Hall Director Josiah Peterson (‘19) had no idea he would be meeting his wife.

Riggleman creates social work project

How can learning be centered on the community? In Assistant Professor of Social Work Kara Riggleman’s Social Work Process and Practice 3 course, the integration of community service and learning is a clear theme and goal. 

Kerr describes music department impact

Senior music education major, Abigail Kerr, was in the middle of teaching a music lesson to her elementary-aged class, when a student turned to her and said, “Miss Kerr, last night my mom lost 37 teeth.”