Marissa Muljat


Semester overseas: Patience in Paris

This semester, senior Patience Sakeuh has traded the cornfields of Indiana for French pastries, museum tours and flea markets. That’s right. Sakeuh, a global studies major, has been studying abroad in Paris, France!

Claire Nieshalla: road to commencement

Various experiences, positions, internships, challenges and successes have led senior Claire Nieshalla to her approaching graduation. Chosen as this year’s student commencement speaker, Nieshalla — a public relations major and soccer player — has found joy and honor in the speech preparation process and is looking forward to sharing with her fellow seniors.

Bekah Hynson: planting the seeds of sustainable development

Growing up in PeachTree City, Georgia, senior Bekah Hynson and her six siblings often visited their grandma’s house to help out with yard work and gardening. Through these visits, she learned a lot about the process of caring for nature. It was in these moments that her initial love for the outdoors sprouted.

'The guy with the bluetooth speaker'

Wesley Jones — a name that speaks for itself. Many know Jones for his on-the-go music, elaborate stage presence or, perhaps, his visionary leadership.

Charlie Brainer inspires a love of culture

“When you make a friendship in another culture, you really begin to value that culture and in a much deeper and meaningful way,” Charlie Brainer said. As the dean of international programs, higher education adjunct faculty and director of Spencer Centre for Global Engagement, Brainer has had the opportunity to share his passion for global engagement with students, faculty and others.