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Echo co-editors reflect on last four years

It’s a curious thing to prepare to write our last column. For four years, The Echo has dominated a significant portion of our lives. For this entire year, our lives have rotated around the print schedule. 

Christians need to talk about Title IX

The spring of my sophomore year, I walked with a friend through reporting a Title IX offense. A week later, I sat opposite someone as they jokes about sexual assault in the middle of lunch. 

Spring Greens: A dorm guide to houseplants

Whether you’re hoping to grow an indoor jungle or just have something to keep you company during the midnight grind, here are my top three pieces of advice for an aspiring greenhouse grad. 

Ambition and talent, as well as beauty

For International Women’s Day on March 8, we wanted to create something that highlighted some of the accomplishments of women — in leadership, in the classroom, in history and in fairly unrecognized places. 

Title IX proceedings moves to Human Resources

 As part of a series of changes made to student development at the start of 2022, the Title IX coordinator role will no longer be held by the dean of students, as it has in the past.