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Taylor University, Upland, IN
Tuesday, April 16, 2024
The Echo

Foodie Fix

Who’s Your Coffee serves up new atmosphere

Though cute coffee shops have become a dime a dozen in the Taylor community, a seldom explored gem is Hartford City’s ‘Who’s Your Coffee’ Roastery. 

This coffee shop has nearly everything going for it. 

Though a small space, its wood slab tables and colorful mural create a cozy corner perfect for a coffee catch-up date with a friend. Wide-open windows span the length of one wall to provide the right amount of sunlight to brighten up the cafe. 

A mix of Taylor Swift and early 2000s pop songs playing over the speaker brought a touch of nostalgia to my whole experience. 

But beyond the atmosphere of the cafe, the food and drinks were delicious. The vanilla chai I enjoyed was on par with (I might even go so far as to say better than) any of the other cups of chai I’ve enjoyed from area coffee shops. 

My cup was just a simple vanilla chai, but its perfect combination of sweet and spiced flavors made me eager to try the other chai options on their menu: chocolate chai and firefly chai. 

Seniors Holly Gaskill and Katie Pfotzer accompanied me for this round of Foodie Fix. Gaskill took advantage of the milk alternatives (almond, oat and coconut) at WYC and ordered a vanilla oat milk latte. She said that her coffee was sweet but the strong flavor of espresso still came through nicely. 

The latte also showed off the roastery part of WYC’s business. 

“You could tell it was freshly roasted,” Gaskill said. 

For a small shop, WYC has an abundant amount of drink options. Unique additions to their menu include a Vitamin C Bomb and Kombucha on tap. 

You can also spice up your classic latte, frap or chai with some of their house-made syrups — vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, coconut, peppermint, maple, honey and chocolate. They even have rotating seasonal flavors. 

“I also appreciated that they had a maple flavoring that was offered year-round,” Pfotzer said. “I think that’s quirky and unique and it felt flavorful without being too sweet or overwhelming.” 

Beyond the drinks offered here, WYC has an ever-changing display of baked goods. On the morning I went, fresh cinnamon rolls were in the bakery case, ready to be devoured. 

Our barista heated the pastry up for us and I was surprised that WYC can not only make really great drinks, but also a delicious baked good. 

The cinnamon roll was large and not overwhelmingly sweet. I can’t wait to go back to try the other baked goods they have to offer. 

Other perks of this coffee shop include a drive-through window. Their prices are reasonable for the quality of drinks. 

However, when it comes to local coffee shops, there are always a few things I wish I could change. For WYC, I simply wish they had more hours when they were open and more seating. Currently, they are open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday-Saturday and have limited space for pulling out your laptop and flashcards; not a super-friendly college student study space. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Who’s Your Coffee Roastery. Though I only have a month left at Taylor, I plan to make the 10-minute drive to Hartford City for a cup of their chai or a baked good a few more times. 

I hope you plan to do the same. 

For more information on Who’s Your Coffee, visit them on Instagram or Facebook where they also keep followers updated on seasonal drinks and that day’s bakery items. 

Unfortunately WYC plans to be closed until May 2 so they can bring better menu, service and hours, according to their Facebook. Make sure to check in on their social media before visiting for any unexpected changes in hours and pop in to visit after May 1. 

Overall, I give Who’s Your Coffee 4.5/5 cups of chai.