Katie Pfotzer


Modern Solutions Required

In the Spring of 2019, I interviewed JoAnn Rediger for an article about her retirement and something she said has always stuck with me. I asked her what she had planned for her retirement. “What’s next?” Rediger said. “The seniors and I have that in common. We both keep getting that question.”

Halbrook distinguished chair retires from position

Halbrook Distinguished Chair of Government, Abby Kuzma, will be retiring at the end of the semester after an impressive, decades-spanning career advocating for the victims of human trafficking, immigrants and asylum-seekers. 

Spring Fashion: Trends on and off the runway

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.u201d  Meryl Streep utters this famous quote as Miranda Priestly in u201cThe Devil Wears Pradau201d alluding to the cliches spring fashion can often become.  However, spring 2022 fashion trends seem to be full of surprises diverging from the patterns of the last few years according to many fashion experts. This can be seen both on campus and on the runways.

Modern Solutions Required

Growing up, I did not have any spiritual mentors. This was because my church, like many others, excluded women from leadership. 

Honoring the legacy of Samuel Morris

There are some people whose stories become so common that they themselves become legends. Once those individuals reach legendary status, their stories no longer belong to them, but to the people who tell their stories.

The self-fulfilling prophecy of a single story

Since October 2009, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED Talk, “The Danger of A Single Story” has accrued over 9 million views. It is safe to say that many of those viewers have been Taylor students.  

Modern Solutions Required

 Oprah Winfrey used to write a column entitled “Things I know for sure.” She admitted in an interview that this title was intimidating in and of itself because there are so few things we know to be unequivocally true.