10/27/2022, 12:00am

Students prepare for this year’s ‘birthday party’ themed MyGen

Fall is stumbling into winter, and a similar despondency is visible around campus as students mulch over the midterm rut that inevitably pops up every semester. Taylor’s endless barrage of activities steam on, unaffected by the whims and moods of the general public, as it strives to change those “meh’s” into “YEAH!’s.” The next big event that you don’t want to miss out on is MyGen — short for My Generation.

10/13/2022, 12:00am

Band from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ to Release Original Songs

Taylor Theatre’s production of “To Kill a Mockingbird” closed its doors months ago, but the music that was weaved throughout the story is being revived. This revival is happening in the form of the band recording an album of music they played during pre-show, intermission and set changes.

10/12/2022, 12:00am

New course ‘Intro to Art Therapy’ to debut at Taylor this J-term

Art therapy is a form of therapy that uses various forms of art and creativity to help individuals process their emotions and gain psychological insight through examining their art. Art therapy may be used on its own, or it might also be used as a component of or complement to another mental health treatment. 

10/11/2022, 12:00am

Fall Fest offers casual, creative outlet for students

On Saturday, spectators gathered on the Boren lawn with cups of apple cider and donut holes, facing the stage decked out with fall foliage as the Mainstage team finished their final preparations for Fall Fest.  Mainstage, the organization responsible for events like Silent Disco, presented Fall Fest on Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. in front of the Student Center. Fall Fest is an acoustic concert that offers a casual opportunity for the Taylor community to see performers that don’t typically have the opportunity to grace the stage. 

10/6/2022, 12:00am

Women’s Chorus Cultivates Community Through Music

“I just love it. I really do. Part of it is, I think, we're there to sing together and to sing well and to produce good music. But we're also there to have fun and to glorify God doing it,” junior Violet Hammack said. “And I think that mindset, whether consciously or unconsciously, really adds to that community.”  The community Hammack referred to is the Taylor University’s Women’s Chorus. This organization cultivates a community of women who sing together, build relationships together and grow together. 

10/5/2022, 12:00am

Fine Arts Feature: Katie Ito

My name is Katie Ito and I am a senior Pre-Art Therapy major with a special focus in sculpture and liturgical art. The vase titled “Persimmon Summer,” is 18” high, handbuilt with coils, and covered in hand-painted blue persimmon branches, laden with ripe fruit.

10/4/2022, 12:00am

Chapel band balances Christ and congregation

Sometimes, worship is work. Few people understand this more than those leading worship. Taylor chapel band members have song selection, sound checks, practice and rehearsals — all before they even get on stage to lead.

9/28/2022, 12:00am

'All or Nothing: Arsenal' goes behind the scenes of club's season

Amazon’s original series “All or Nothing: Arsenal” was released on the Prime streaming service on Aug. 4, 2022. The very first season of “All Or Nothing” in 2016 followed the Arizona Cardinals and provided a groundbreaking insight into life behind the scenes at an elite sports team.

9/28/2022, 12:00am

Heart & Soul provides space for poetry writing and appreciation

It can be difficult when away from family and familiarity to find a sense of home. Junior Mikaila (Rain) Taylor has found that sense of home in the Heart & Soul poetry club. Started just a year ago, the club has already provided a space to write and appreciate poetry for Taylor and many others on campus.

9/26/2022, 12:00am

Multicultural Worship Night unites students

Worship means something different to everyone, yet similarities can still be found. Taylor’s Multicultural Student Association (MSA) aims to explore what worshiping differently but together looks like in their Multicultural Worship Night event. “The event is a night where students of different cultures can come in and worship in the way that they feel that they express back home,” MSA Co-President senior Joanna Vasudevan said. 

9/19/2022, 8:40am

Film Department wins awards, works as a team

“Without teamwork, this piece would not have happened, and the inspiring story would not have been told,” said Taylor senior Anna Rodman.  The documentary, which Rodman produced as a part of department co-chair and professor of film and media production Kathy Bruner’s Documentary Filmmaking class, is titled “Lizzi: Deeper Than Water.” Directed by Gabriel Burch, the eleven-minute film tells the story of Paralympic swimmer Lizzi Smith as she overcomes social and physical battles.

9/19/2022, 8:38am

Faculty art exhibit showcases hidden emotions, personal artistry

The faculty art exhibition was displayed in the Metcalf Gallery onSeptember 2 with art tastefully spilling over into the corridor outside. Brought to life by multiple members of Taylor’s art faculty, the exhibition was a platform for them to showcase their personal artistry through their recent works. Professor Jeremie Riggleman said, “We chose not to have a theme, as each of the artists are working with different materials, with different processes, with different times.” This presented the art faculty with a unique opportunity to express themselves free of any possible constraints.

9/17/2022, 8:00am

An inside look at how Taylor Theatre actors prepare for 'The Birds'

“Actors, by and large, are looking for authentic embodiment of characters so that storytelling is alive, and has potential to, move beyond the stage and into the awareness of the audience,” said Tracy Manning, Theatre Department Co-Chair and Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts. For each Taylor Theatre production she directs, Manning selects an acting methodology for the actors to apply during the rehearsal process. In the case of the upcoming production of Conor Mcpherson’s "The Birds", she chose the active analysis method, which was developed by Konstantin Stanislavski, a prominent figure in the history of theatre.

5/16/2022, 1:00pm

Lichacz’s lifelong love of music

From childhood, senior Lichacz’s life has been shaped by music, leading her to find joy and passion during her time at Taylor through her experience with Chorale and Sounds.

5/16/2022, 1:00pm

Your Spotify Cue

As the school year wraps up, many are preparing for long road trips. Whether your drive leads back to a childhood hometown or an exciting and new place (or somewhere in between), this final edition of Spotify Cue is here to fill your car with a playlist that will highlight the adventure that summer offers.  

5/16/2022, 1:00pm

Hope Oaks strikes note with Taylor community

The turning of the tassel, the tossing of caps and the marching to “Pomp and Circumstance” are quickly identified as commencement traditions widely performed at graduation ceremonies throughout the country.   At Taylor, however, one more element gets thrown into the mix — the bagpipe. 

5/9/2022, 11:00am

Cellar Door

Features Co-Editor Amelia Bostick wraps up her column “Cellar Door” with a fan favorite.