Anna Jones


When Mud Becomes a Masterpiece

From Aug. 29 to Oct. 20., Taylor’s Metcalf Art Gallery was the venue for the "Out of Indiana Clay Invitational," where local artists showcased their skills and demonstrated the possibilities achievable with a simple medium like clay.

The Multicultural Student Association welcomes students home

In the midst of Taylor’s campus, the Multicultural Student Association (MSA) is a beacon of diversity, unity and inclusivity. This organization, nestled within the Office of Intercultural Programs (OIP), embarks on another year of programming. 

A creative surrounded by other student creators

On a campus brimming with artistic expression, Lynden Hight uses her passion for the arts to bring a new creative outlook to campus. The student-led marketing team at Taylor University, Birrama Creative, has elected Hight as its president for the 2023-2024 school year. 

“Everybody” takes the stage

The local theater scene buzzed with excitement as “Everybody,” the thought-provoking and innovative play by Braden Jacobs-Jenkins, took the spotlight. This modern rendition of the contemporary theatrical masterpiece has historically captivated audiences with its unique perspective on life, death and the human experience. “Everybody” is a modern adaptation of the 15th-century morality play, “Everyman.” It invited theatergoers on an introspective journey that explores the fundamental questions of existence. Directed by Tracy Manning, artistic director of theatre arts, audiences could expect three evenings full of unique storytelling and powerful performances.