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Taylor University, Upland, IN
Monday, May 20, 2024
The Echo

Mainstage entertains campus with music-oriented events

Doty offers look into Mainstage cabinet

What’s not to love about music and dance? The sounds that fly across the audience give you a taste of life’s nightly flavors, and our expression of the passion for life is the dance of the moment. 

Fortunately, our university has the opportunity to relish these special events, and who does it have to thank? Taylor’s Mainstage!

Mainstage President, Junior Amanda Doty offered a look into what Mainstage is like, what they do for the people of Taylor and the bonding that their community shares together.

The role of Mainstage at Taylor, according to Doty, is planning music-oriented events on campus.

“[We] focus on dances, music, integrating that with the Taylor payments,” Doty said. “So, we’ve focused on music-related events.” 

Some of the campus events that Mainstage was responsible for this year included Silent Disco, Fall Fest and the Colony House concert.

At Silent Disco students received their own sets of headphones to listen to music on their own, yet collectively outside of the student center on September 24. The Fall Fest was an outdoor concert of different student performers who sang or played instruments in bands on October 1. Colony House is an indie rock band that came to Taylor on April 15.

As the president of Mainstage, Doty takes on her role and its several responsibilities to make sure that the cabinet and the organization continue to strive for the goal of the high level of enthusiasm that all of us love to exuberate at their events. 

“[My responsibilities include] leading the group, so I lead weekly meetings, Doty said. “I email everybody, I get all the media services coordinated as well as putting on the events. I basically just take care of the organizational part and leading and putting together all our plans and events. Basically, the whole schedule does my job.”

Just like every other activity, club and organization that the Taylor community offers, Mainstage also has its own community. 

What are the cabinet members like? And how do they foster a fun atmosphere while working together on the cabinet? 

Doty has given her own perspective on the cabinet’s people, how she enjoys the people serving together on the Mainstage cabinet, and she regards the community as fun. 

“They all bring different things to the table,” Doty said. “But all of them are really passionate about music. So, I made sure that there have been points in our interviews where I have asked questions such as ‘Are you passionate about music?’ which I would say is the most important thing about being part of the cabinet. So they’re all very passionate about what they’re doing. They’re really happy with the events that we put on. It’s a fun group.” 

Indeed, it goes without saying that fun events can only come from fun-spirited people.

It can also go without saying that Mainstage has made a great impact with major contributions to the Taylor community. Doty believes so as well, and she can proudly share the accomplishments of her cabinet.

“Hopefully, we have brought entertainment and fun to the campus,” Doty said. “I hope that people have enjoyed the events that we set up for this year. They’ve been appreciative of what we’ve put on, and hopefully they think that it was worth it to come to the Fall Fest or Colony House or any disco event that we set up. I know that there are people and heard from some who have said that they really enjoyed Colony House.”

Of course, the Mainstage cabinet is in need of not only returning members, but is also looking for new members for next year in order for Taylor to continue to have and enjoy the spirit of music and dancing. 

If Mainstage is of interest and you want to get behind the scenes in campus’ musical events, Doty encourages members of the Taylor community to apply.

“Apply now because applications are due pretty soon,” Doty said. “I would just say that if you’re passionate about it, apply. Even if you’re simply thinking about applying, do it anyway, because you never know what could come out of it.”