Enoch Eicher


Students prepare for this year’s ‘birthday party’ themed MyGen

Fall is stumbling into winter, and a similar despondency is visible around campus as students mulch over the midterm rut that inevitably pops up every semester. Taylor’s endless barrage of activities steam on, unaffected by the whims and moods of the general public, as it strives to change those “meh’s” into “YEAH!’s.” The next big event that you don’t want to miss out on is MyGen — short for My Generation.

New course ‘Intro to Art Therapy’ to debut at Taylor this J-term

Art therapy is a form of therapy that uses various forms of art and creativity to help individuals process their emotions and gain psychological insight through examining their art. Art therapy may be used on its own, or it might also be used as a component of or complement to another mental health treatment. 

'All or Nothing: Arsenal' goes behind the scenes of club's season

Amazon’s original series “All or Nothing: Arsenal” was released on the Prime streaming service on Aug. 4, 2022. The very first season of “All Or Nothing” in 2016 followed the Arizona Cardinals and provided a groundbreaking insight into life behind the scenes at an elite sports team.

Faculty art exhibit showcases hidden emotions, personal artistry

The faculty art exhibition was displayed in the Metcalf Gallery onSeptember 2 with art tastefully spilling over into the corridor outside. Brought to life by multiple members of Taylor’s art faculty, the exhibition was a platform for them to showcase their personal artistry through their recent works. Professor Jeremie Riggleman said, “We chose not to have a theme, as each of the artists are working with different materials, with different processes, with different times.” This presented the art faculty with a unique opportunity to express themselves free of any possible constraints.