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Pierce disaffiliates from denomination

People filled the rows of chairs on Sunday morning at Pierce Church.For many, nothing had changed after leaving the United Methodist Church. The only physical remnant that indicated change was the removal of their old church sign: Pierce Chapel United Methodist Church.

Dyson becomes campus pastor

The Rev. Gregory Dyson assumed the campus pastor position July 15, 2023.On June 12, President Michael Lindsay announced Dyson’s expanded role. As vice president for spiritual life & intercultural leadership, and campus pastor, he will continue to perform the responsibilities of his previous and new position. His new role includes oversight of both the campus’ intercultural and spiritual needs.  

Austin Layton: journey to med school

Senior Austin Layton will wrap up his time at Taylor this May as a pre-med biology major with a minor in Spanish.   Layton hopes to work in pediatrics and ideally partner with his twin brother, senior Brayden Layton. His fascination with anatomy began when his parents told him about the miraculous event of his birth.