Caleb Joshua Heffron


PSA from CJH: Is there a shot for a non-quarterback MVP anymore?

Okay, hear me out. It’s 2023. Everyone knows that the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award is now a “best quarterback” trophy; meanwhile, Offensive Player of the Year seems to be a “best player that isn’t a quarterback (but sometimes is still a quarterback)” award. But that all could change this year, thanks to the Miami Dolphins’ number one wide receiver Tyreek Hill and the San Francisco 49ers’ starting running back Christian McCaffrey. 

United States military members participate in Base HIIT Program

Across the United States, sports leagues show their appreciation for the military in many ways: the NFL has the month of November dedicated as Salute to Service, NBA teams have Military Appreciation nights and MLB teams honor active personnel and veterans throughout the season. For the Washington Nationals organization, one of their special events for military members is the Base HIIT Program.

TU Crossroads League Tournament debrief

With November arriving, snow flying through the air and “Charlie Brown” television specials airing on ABC, that means only one thing: The World Series … and the first College Football Playoff Rankings … and also James Harden making his yearly trade request. So maybe the end of October brings more than a few bells and whistles with it, but the main event for the 10 colleges of the Crossroads League (CL) will be the volleyball and men’s and women’s soccer tournaments and the men’s and women’s cross-country championships.

Taylor eSports creates new ways to build community

Video games. Frequently called the most popular form of entertainment, gamers across the globe have found ways to virtually clash swords, hit home runs and save universes. The 2020s have been a revolutionary time in game development and video games have become more popular than ever. Rather than just single-player experiences, online games have taken front and center stage as one of the most popular pastimes in the world. At Taylor University, the eSports and Gaming Club has taken full advantage. With over 200 members, the team features both competitive and non-competitive games and is constantly looking for new members.

PSA from CJH: WNBA's greatest season shows it deserves respect

Few sports leagues have been maligned like the Women’s National Basketball Association. It takes years, often decades, for leagues to find their proper footing. They need dedicated ownership, team superstars, style and culture; but the WNBA hasn’t been given the same opportunity by fans to make that leap, unlike its brother league.