Contessa Hussong


Spanish Club presents opportunity for culture, conversation

There’s something life-giving about sharing cultures through conversation. The warmth of a meal. The richness of a language. The context of an idiom that is otherwise lost on a non-native speaker. There’s beauty in it all, and it has a practicality that has brought new meaning to an old hobby for junior Janie Lee Allen. 

Student Senate works to improve campus

“Not a lot of students notice it.” Siwon Heo, a Chair member of the Taylor Student Senate, wasn’t exaggerating as she sat down at her desk, a list of committee members on the computer screen in front of her. 

JP Susantio takes a look behind the lens

Come to any major TU football game, and it’s likely you’ve seen sophomore JP Susantio.  Though he’s not a journalist or an athlete, he’s found himself on Trojan sidelines all the same. With his camera in his hand, Susantio has embraced his own form of storytelling — and he’s fully dedicated to making the most of his major in film. 

Students build community throughout the Halloween season

You don’t know fear until you’ve walked past Wengatz Hall at midnight.  As the moon fades from view behind the clouds, shouting rises in the darkness as the men of Wengatz howl about lost video game matches and chant at the freshmen.