Ethan Jackson


Matter + Spirit creates space for introspection

Matter + Spirit, a traveling Chinese American art exhibition, is making its way to Taylor University this November. The collection of art includes over 50 pieces of art made by 25 different Chinese and North American artists.

Chapel band balances Christ and congregation

Sometimes, worship is work. Few people understand this more than those leading worship. Taylor chapel band members have song selection, sound checks, practice and rehearsals — all before they even get on stage to lead.

Multicultural Worship Night unites students

Worship means something different to everyone, yet similarities can still be found. Taylor’s Multicultural Student Association (MSA) aims to explore what worshiping differently but together looks like in their Multicultural Worship Night event. “The event is a night where students of different cultures can come in and worship in the way that they feel that they express back home,” MSA Co-President senior Joanna Vasudevan said.