11/6/2023, 12:00am

FAFSA is delayed as changes are made

The 2024-2025 school year’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) has been delayed due to changes in the application process and aid calculation.The FAFSA’s opening date has not been specified, however, the Department of Education said that openings will be sometime this December. The normal FAFSA release date is Oct. 1.

11/6/2023, 12:00am

Phishing email attempts to scam TU accounts

A compromised Taylor account emailed thousands of the university’s email addresses on Oct. 9, falsely listing items for sale in exchange for personal information. It was identified as a phishing attack and nobody responded to the email itself, Chris Jones, vice president and chief information officer, said. 

11/6/2023, 12:00am

DC open house and student tours

The Hodson Dining Commons open house, complete with student tours of the new building renovations, took place on Thursday, Oct. 26. The open house was an informative hour filled with 15-minute tours to update students and provide insight for what is coming to the DC.

11/6/2023, 12:00am

Writing Center regains momentum under new leadership

When Writing Center consultants returned to campus at the end of August, the couches were missing.So were the recliners, the coffee tables, the rugs and the posters — what had formerly been a fully-decorated corner was instead a bare room with bare walls: a blank slate.

10/30/2023, 12:00am

Student body discount rate rises annually

The student discount rate at Taylor University has seen a slight drop compared to the steady increase from past years. The discount rate of an institution can be described as money not given to the student as a scholarship, but money taken away from the full cost of tuition, resulting in a discount for students.

10/30/2023, 12:00am

Title IX changes to release in October

On Title IX’s 50th anniversary, June 23, 2023, the U.S. Department of Education released proposed changes to the regulations. Now, institutions like Taylor University who receive any sort of federal funding wait for the U.S. Department of Education to release the Title IX ruling.

10/23/2023, 12:00am

Taylor professors respond to ChatGPT tool

ChatGPT is a new language processing tool that could affect how students and teachers approach their work at Taylor University. The difference with ChatGPT from typical artificial intelligence is that it uses the whole internet as a database to draw from, giving the user fast results, Jeff Groeling, department chair and professor of communication, said.  

10/23/2023, 12:00am

Nearspace Park announces its opening at the red ribbon ceremony

Over this past summer, NearSpace Launch — with the aid of other organizations — tore down factory buildings off of Main St. to develop the land into a public park. On Tuesday, Oct. 10, NearSpace Park officially announced its opening to the Upland community with a red ribbon ceremony. Several of Upland’s key officials, donors and locals came in support of the new park. 

10/23/2023, 12:00am

Student GPA rises

Taylor’s incoming class of 2023 has a high school GPA higher than the university average. According to Education Next, this is consistent with recent trends of increasing student GPAs at universities and colleges around the country.The incoming class’s high school GPA average is 3.89, comparable to that of admitted students at Ivy League schools like Princeton University who, according to Be Varsity, has an average of 3.9.

10/23/2023, 12:00am

Engineering receives $2 million

Taylor’s engineering department received a $2 million grant that will provide cutting-edge technology and new spaces for students. The new additions will include a rapid prototyping studio and an engineering innovation and collaboration studio on the ground level of the Euler Science Complex.

10/23/2023, 12:00am

Student-Led Social Media Conference to Benefit All Students

Elevate, a social media conference, will be from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 16, in Cornwall in the Larita Boren Campus Center. This event, planned by students in PBR 455, Event and Venue Planning, aims to benefit all who attend through acquired knowledge of social media usage. All are welcome and encouraged to come.

10/9/2023, 12:00am

SNAS seminar connects students and faculty

The School of Natural and Applied Science (SNAS) Seminar transpires throughout the fall semester and is open to all students and faculty. The main goal of the science seminar is to allow a presenter to communicate their scholarly work in an open forum to their audience.

10/6/2023, 9:32am

Barry Cushman delivers Constitutional lecture

Professor Barry Cushman came to Taylor on Sept. 20 to deliver a speech on the court-packing crisis of 1937. The lecture consisted of his speech and afterward, a Q&A session which brought clarity to students and staff. 

10/2/2023, 12:00am

EXS 370 offers hands-on experience, serves Taylor community

On the south side of Main Street’s medical center, a temporary sign taped to the door reads “131: Physical Therapy Classroom.” Between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, members of the Taylor community rotate through the storage room-turned-classroom: benefitting from the new course offered to upperclassmen interested in the field of physical therapy.

10/2/2023, 12:00am

University garden promotes fresher living

A team consisting of Upland locals opened a community garden to promote a fresher way of living. In summer 2022, a group of local citizens had an idea to connect the community while also bringing about newly harvested vegetation to add to people’s diet.

10/2/2023, 12:00am

New nursing major continues to be developed

Taylor University’s rising nursing program is still undergoing approval processes before its tentative launch in Fall 2024. The university is unable to announce an official start date until appropriate steps are taken with the Indiana State Board of Nursing, Provost Jewerl Maxwell, said.The curriculum will first need to go through the university approval process before being accepted by the State Board. Afterward, prospective students will be able to officially begin their Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. Dean of Nursing Karen Elsea said the university is still developing the content and framework for the major.