Makenna McCord


2024 Presidential General Election Need-to-Know

The states’ primary elections and presidential campaigns are heavily underway, gearing toward the presidential election on Nov. 5. The current frontrunners are Donald Trump from the Republican party and President Joe Biden from the Democratic party. 

Residence Life comments on 2022 'Right-To-Know' report

The 2022 Right-To-Know report was released as a 30-page document detailing the security and fire safety reports of Taylor University in recent years. In the document, a chart explains numerous drug and alcohol offenses. 

Student body discount rate rises annually

The student discount rate at Taylor University has seen a slight drop compared to the steady increase from past years. The discount rate of an institution can be described as money not given to the student as a scholarship, but money taken away from the full cost of tuition, resulting in a discount for students.

Student GPA rises

Taylor’s incoming class of 2023 has a high school GPA higher than the university average. According to Education Next, this is consistent with recent trends of increasing student GPAs at universities and colleges around the country.The incoming class’s high school GPA average is 3.89, comparable to that of admitted students at Ivy League schools like Princeton University who, according to Be Varsity, has an average of 3.9.

Barry Cushman delivers Constitutional lecture

Professor Barry Cushman came to Taylor on Sept. 20 to deliver a speech on the court-packing crisis of 1937. The lecture consisted of his speech and afterward, a Q&A session which brought clarity to students and staff. 

Residence halls undergo renovations

Over the summer of 2023, both Olson and Wengatz Halls underwent several renovations. Renovations look different for each hall. In Wengatz, there was the major addition of the kitchen area, which had previously been just a community lounge. 

Taylor secures $250,000 grant for community development

Lilly Endowment Inc. recently awarded the university a $250,000 grant as part of a community development plan between Taylor University and the city of Upland. Taylor is working with a multidisciplinary team, Marsh Collective, to establish a comprehensive plan for the improvement of the Upland and Taylor communities.