Hannah Marella


Band from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ to Release Original Songs

Taylor Theatre’s production of “To Kill a Mockingbird” closed its doors months ago, but the music that was weaved throughout the story is being revived. This revival is happening in the form of the band recording an album of music they played during pre-show, intermission and set changes.

Heart & Soul provides space for poetry writing and appreciation

It can be difficult when away from family and familiarity to find a sense of home. Junior Mikaila (Rain) Taylor has found that sense of home in the Heart & Soul poetry club. Started just a year ago, the club has already provided a space to write and appreciate poetry for Taylor and many others on campus.

An inside look at how Taylor Theatre actors prepare for 'The Birds'

“Actors, by and large, are looking for authentic embodiment of characters so that storytelling is alive, and has potential to, move beyond the stage and into the awareness of the audience,” said Tracy Manning, Theatre Department Co-Chair and Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts. For each Taylor Theatre production she directs, Manning selects an acting methodology for the actors to apply during the rehearsal process. In the case of the upcoming production of Conor Mcpherson’s "The Birds", she chose the active analysis method, which was developed by Konstantin Stanislavski, a prominent figure in the history of theatre.