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The Echo
Taylor University, Upland, IN
Saturday, April 13, 2024
The Echo

Darin Jordan


Accommodations planned for incoming class

This fall, Taylor is welcoming the largest freshmen class in university history. Currently over 570 freshmen are enrolled — breaking a former record of 531, as well as last year's large class size of 521.“We had a great class last year, we're going to have a record-setting class this coming ...

Prarie Burning 1 .jpg

Grounds team burns campus prairie grasses

Every year after spring break, Taylor’s campus looks a little different. Some might notice the lingering smell, or others might see the physical change — but every spring, workers from the grounds team burn the prairie grasses around Taylor. The prairie burns are focused around locations like the ...


Bats discovered in Third East Wengatz

Three students were bitten by bats on Third East Wengatz in the past two weeks, said senior Joey Gorski who lives on Third East. One student was bitten on the arm and noticed there was a bruise with two little marks by it — bat teeth marks. The bruise wasn’t a cause for concern, as it was probably ...


Numbers don’t have faces: stories from the war in Russia-Ukraine

All quotations in this story are translated from Russian into English by the writer - EditorAs the war in Ukraine continues, big numbers are thrown around — hundreds dead, thousands fled, millions spent. But numbers don’t have faces. While hearing all of these facts increase awareness of the conflict, ...

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Taylor dining transitions to Tap & Eat app

Taylor University has many background services that do not get much attention until something changes. One of those small things would be the dining app. Several weeks ago Taylor Dining Services changed the app where students can look at their meal plan from Eatable to Tap & Eat. Interim General ...

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PeRT disbanded, COVID policies altered

A program that has been in place at Taylor longer than the current junior class has finally come to an end. On Nov. 1, Taylor students received the last update from the Taylor Pandemic Response Team (PeRT) announcing Taylor’s altered approach to COVID-19.Ron Sutherland, who has been chair of the board ...


Voters across the country take part in elections

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, voters nationwide participated in midterm elections. Ballot decisions in Indiana included higher seats like United States senator and secretary of state, as well as more local positions like the Upland town council. Indiana voted primarily Republican, electing Todd Young for senator, ...

jonathan perez - provided by perez.jpg

Town Manager given award

Jonathan Perez, Upland town manager, received the award from the Indiana Latino Institute recognizing him as one of the Elevated Latinos Under 40. “The Indiana Latino Institute created the ELEVATED Latinos Under 40 to recognize, and honor outstanding Latinos who have contributed to our state and ...


New installations make campus more visible

One of the more visible projects on campus over the past few weeks has been installing new lighting.28 new street lights have been installed, 13 have been replaced with newer models and a few other smaller lights have been placed around campus. Student government started the idea for this project two ...

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