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The Echo
Taylor University, Upland, IN
Tuesday, April 16, 2024
The Echo

Taylor’s Rising Artists

Mitch Canada creates his own style of music

Junior Mitch Canada mixes together artists such as Neo Sol and Frank Sinatra, adding hints of gospel and rap, to form his own signature sound.

Today, Canada’s music can be found across all streaming platforms under the name “Mitchell Canada,” but prior to his first album drop titled ‘A Mitchtape, Vol. 1,’ Canada’s music remained solely on his high school MacBook.

“I've made music my whole entire life, but sophomore year, I got a MacBook, and that's when I started making music,” Canada said. “The moment I made my first song, this girl named Maya told me that I had GarageBand on my MacBook, and I began to make songs.” 

As for Canada’s creative process, he states it is essentially non-existent. Canada takes his feelings and molds them into music, but he finds most ingenuity through the art of freestyle. No writing process—simply writing a few words down as he goes with the flow.

With the drop of his recent album ‘beautiful’ in 2020, Canada has found inspiration in relationships and heartbreak. Canada says he holds onto the feeling of heartbreak, and when he feels he is in a good place, he writes his music. 

“Relationships really inspire me a lot, especially for this most recent project,” Canada said. “Even though I'm single, I strive to have a relationship — or whatever the case may be — and I think I put a lot of my feelings into the music.”

Canada says he wants people to relate to his music on a personal level, asking themselves, ‘Is he talking about me in this song?’ as if it was especially catered to them.

And while Canada makes music for everyone, his target audience is himself.

“I make music for people (but I also) make music for myself; I make my favorite kinds of music,” Canada said.

Canada hopes he can have a future in the music business, but there is no real plan for how long he will continue to create. Similar to his creative style, Canada is going with the flow, making music when he is in the mood. 

He believes music is everlasting. Canada may never plan on becoming famous, but he knows whatever happens, it is all in God’s hands. Canada will continue to make music simply because he enjoys it. He enjoys looking at himself in the mirror and knowing that he did a good job; he enjoys when he hears people’s reactions saying they love the music; and he enjoys the moments when he can say he is proud of himself. 

 “I think I'm really good at making music,” Canada said. “I'm not the best when it comes to singing and live performing, but I can put a song together very well. And I like it a lot. Just because I'm not famous, that doesn't mean that I don't make great music. Personally, I feel I make better music than a lot of people that are famous because I have substance to my music; I feel like, and there's meaning behind a lot of things I'm saying.”

Since his first mix on his highschool MacBook, Canada has seen himself grow phenomenally into someone who is passionate, and he considers himself good at what he does. 

Canada says he would not be here, making music he enjoys, without those who are listening.

“I enjoy it a lot,” Canada said. “I used to suck, but I've gotten so much better and I have made improvements over the past few years. And shout-out to everyone that has listened to my music. Even to listen to one song means the world, and people that show their friends (my music) — thanks to all of them because I wouldn't be anything without my peers that support me.”