Stephen Wisnewski


Words from Wis: Is low World Series viewership a problem?

For a sport like baseball, a sport driven by statistics and analytics, one alarming stat many commentators and fans alike have pointed to is the record-low viewership of the World Series. Is that really something the MLB should be alarmed about, or are analysts overreacting?

Campus Bookstore addresses delays

Two weeks, three weeks, four weeks all pass by, and still no sign of that final textbook. Many students across campus rely on Slingshot deliveries for access to class materials, but this semester there have been more than a couple snafus with the system.

Gas City Speedway brings high-speed thrills to small-town Indiana

Picture this: the scent of gasoline filling your nose, the deafening roar of massive combustion engines accelerating down the straightaways, the vibrations of thunderous applause and boisterous cheers resonating in your chest. Seem familiar? Then perhaps you’ve journeyed over to the Gas City I-69 Speedway before.

Wetzel appears on C-SPAN

On February 21, Benjamin Wetzel, assistant professor of history, gave a lecture on the life and faith of former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt which was streamed on C-SPAN.