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The Echo
Taylor University, Upland, IN
Friday, June 14, 2024
The Echo

Rylie Harrison


Enter the world of Jumanji!

By Rylie Harrison | Contributor A movie starring Dwayne Johnson as a wimpy nerd, Kevin Hart as a football star, Karen Gillan as a brainiac and Jack Black as an Instagram queen? Was there any doubt this movie would be good? For some fans of the original "Jumanji" starring Robin Williams, yes, there ...


Glimpsing into the past in ‘The Post’

By Rylie Harrison | Contributor In 1971, The New York Times received 43 volumes of a classified study regarding the Vietnam War, which came to be referred to as the Pentagon Papers. The Times began publishing the contents, but was sued by the Nixon Administration. In the time before the trial, the rest ...


Opinion: The word we are all afraid to say

By Rylie Harrison | Contributor The silence is heavy. You can practically smell the silent judgement as your wingmate walks away. You said it, the one word that might as well be a swear word on Taylor's campus: no. We have all felt it. When we say no to a certain activity or outing, we feel like we ...


‘The Greatest Showman’ movie review

By Rylie Harrison | Contributor "The Greatest Showman" tells the story of P.T. Barnum, the optimistic dreamer behind the Barnum and Bailey Circus, also known as "The Greatest Show on Earth." The film stars Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron and Zendaya. I must say, as someone who is not a fan of musicals, I sincerely ...


Film major brings a hip-hop vibe to Silent Night

By Rylie Harrison | Echo You are freezing, and you've never been pressed up against so many strangers in crazy costumes in your life. All this for a basketball game? Not just any basketball game. Silent Night is one of Taylor University's most famous and highly anticipated traditions. ...


In their shoes

By Rylie Harrison | Echo From small-town Massachusetts to Ghana and Zimbabwe, James Ault gives a glimpse into Christian life and culture around the world through his films. Documentaries such as "African Christianity Rising" and "Born Again" shine light on the lives of groups which the majority of people ...


Welcome back, Marion Philharmonic

By Rylie Harrison | Echo The Marion Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) returns to Taylor to kick off its newest concert series, entitled "Musical Postcards." This time, a few friends will also be performing with the ensemble. The MPO promises a wide variety of musical styles in this concert, from classical ...


Incorporating 'Clybourne' into Christian thought

By Rylie Harrison | Echo Jeff Cramer, associate professor of computer science and engineering, is just one of the many professors across Taylor's campus who are choosing to incorporate discussion on "Clybourne Park" into their classes. Q: How do you plan to incorporate the play into your classes? A: ...

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