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The Echo
Taylor University, Upland, IN
Saturday, June 22, 2024
The Echo

Students thank Pulliam for all-in investment

When we think and talk about Taylor University donors, the first thing that comes to mind is the picture of generous donors unselfishly giving gifts to fund buildings, scholarships and other worthwhile endeavors that benefit our students.

And Russ Pulliam, longtime Indianapolis Star editor and national reporting fellowship director, is a prime example. Recently, Pulliam increased his support for TU’s Multimedia Journalism degree scholarships from $60,000 a year to $120,000, for each of the next two school years.

Donations already given by Pulliam from 2018-19 through the end of the 2024-25 school year, totaled $431,000. The Pulliam Journalism Center at Taylor University was founded in 2019 to honor four generations of his family.

But take a listen to see what several of our Multimedia Journalism students said when asked about other ways in which Russ Pulliam’s investment has invested in their lives:

Will Riddell

“His scholarships have shown how much he believes in all of us to succeed in the field of journalism. Students want a teacher who believes in them, and through his donations he has been able to say, ‘I believe in you.’ I think I speak for all of us in the Journalism Department that we wouldn’t be where we are without his help. And we are going places. If you look at the internship board in Dr. Blanchard’s office, he’s helped given us the fuel to chase after our dreams.”

Kendall Beck

“I’m so thankful to be a part of a legacy of students who can study what they’re passionate about at Taylor, where faith and learning go hand in hand. I’m grateful for the financial support of Mr. Pulliam, which enables me not only to learn valuable hard skills of journalism in the classroom, but also helps foster things like creativity, discernment, community, and a growing love for living out my faith through writing.”

Markus Miller

“Pulliam's generosity has meant I'm able to focus more on what matters within my education and worry less about the financial side of things. Knowing that someone is willing to invest so much into my education and my pursuit of journalism excellence is a humbling reminder as I wrap up my four years here at Taylor. I received a note of encouragement and praise from him on a story I wrote earlier in my time at Taylor for The Echo. It was great to hear that and see that the person who has funded much of my scholarships is paying attention to the work I am doing.”

Enoch Eicher

“The scholarships from Russ Pulliam have enabled me to grow in the field of print journalism, develop and fine tune skills, and grow as a Christian because of the academic and social environment here at Taylor University.”

Samantha Leon

“Mr. Pulliam's scholarships have been such a blessing to me. I've transferred twice and that can be a huge financial strain. When I transferred my second time I thought I wouldn't be able to afford college again, much less afford Taylor. Mr. Pulliam's scholarships have shown me God's love and faithfulness even when I'm doubtful. There are no words that could ever encompass my gratefulness for how God has worked through Mr. Pulliam to make things like this possible. I recently interviewed Mr. Pulliam for a class assignment, and the wisdom he has is so genuine. Sometimes I think people assume Christian journalists just carry around this 'title,' but Mr. Pulliam doesn't just display this facade. He truly embodies what it means to be a Christ-follower in all that he does and that inspires me greatly.”

Payne Moses

“Over my five semesters spent at Taylor, Mr. Pulliam's scholarships have been invaluable. More than just the financial gifts, I have seen Pulliam's generous heart on display. I am grateful that His faithfulness to the Lord has supported me through much of my undergraduate experience. Thank you for your continued prayer and commitment to the journalism program at Taylor.”

Jane Page

“My parents enjoy telling stories about people who have affected their lives with simplicity. Mr. Pulliam is one of those individuals for me. He has taught me a value that will be applicable to every stage of my life. I don’t have to be enthused about something to do it. All good things are worth waiting and working hard for. What matters is being a faithful steward with what God has given me. That type of life – the disciplined life which honors Christ – must not depend on feelings. It's simple: be disciplined and steward what God has allotted to me. Mr. Pulliam once said, ‘When you get older, you make an account of what lasts forever. To honor Christ with the here and now through discipline lasts forever.’”

Dalton Jones

“His scholarship means that I'm able to attend Taylor. Without his scholarship, I couldn't afford to attend Taylor and get this amazing education. It also instills confidence in my writing abilities. Mr. Pulliam's generosity is significant in my ability to continue my education at Taylor. What makes him so special to Taylor and me is that he continues to be hands-on in the education of the next generation of writers. His willingness to not only be a donor, but a mentor as well, is evidence of his desire to see young men and women flourish and develop their God-given gifts and abilities.”

Sam Maurer

“The scholarships I have received from Russ Pulliam have been extremely beneficial to me. Without them it is likely that I would not be able to attend Taylor University. I thank Mr. Pulliam for his generosity to me and other students.”

Alan Blanchard, associate professor of journalism, is faculty adviser to The Echo, oversees the Multimedia Journalism program and the Pulliam Journalism Center at Taylor University –