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Taylor University, Upland, IN
Friday, April 12, 2024
The Echo

Allison Eckardt: acknowledging God’s gift of relationships

Getting to know the new marketing director

Everyone faces fear, worry and doubt in all walks of life. Marketing Director Allison Eckardt believes that people travel through life to aid their growth toward God and toward one another.  

The morning began with a forecast of high winds and a tornado-watch. Eckardt reassured her son, Ezra, before school that everything was going to be alright. What she didn’t tell him was that she needed reassurance — someone to tell her that it was all going to be okay.  

Eckardt grew up in Marion, Indiana. Her mom used to drop her off at Taylor University for violin lessons. When the time came, she attended a state school because of the amenities it offered. 

Being at a secular college, she realized the importance of having a solid community. 

“I had to be very intentional and seek out my church community and my social group,” Eckardt said. “And then I realized once I got there — you can only take advantage of so much.” 

But she didn’t stress about finding or taking advantage of those relationships. God simply placed certain people in her life at just the right time. God did the work, not her.

One of those relationships came about at an unexpected time. In her sophomore year of college, Eckardt broke her leg. To compensate for the time she used to recover, she took summer classes — living in the campus church on the parsonage side. 

“It was… a beautiful little half-timber church, built in the 1800s. And the little stairwell that I went down — it would pass the pastor's office,” Eckardt said.

The pastor’s study overlooked the sanctuary — all the little windows and nooks and crannies.

“I was able to say, hey, Pastor, let's talk about angels. And then I’d go to class, and I'd come back, and I was able to ask him all the questions,” Eckardt said. “So, I guess I created my own (like) private Christian school.”

The pastor became a good friend — one Eckardt is still in touch with. 

Those relationships Eckardt made in college continued past her undergraduate years and into her new job as the marketing director at Taylor University. She has continued to form those kinds of special relationships here at Taylor.  

Working at Taylor University has been a gift in her life. Not only do the college’s values and beliefs align with her own, but she and her co-workers also share the same goal: to make Taylor the best it can be so that the school can serve God’s kingdom. 

“It is super special to be surrounded by the creative, hardworking minds on the marketing team… to get to work alongside the faithful stewards on advancement, who are raising money and are building those friendships and connections… I didn't do anything to earn the amazing people he's placed in my life and the amazing opportunities,” Eckardt said.

Everyone goes through the hard times and the good times — the highs and lows. 

Eckardt faces the challenge of being a mom and trying to be the best example to her son as possible. She does her best to serve Taylor and serve God. These are the current challenges she faces. 

But she does not face them alone. She is navigating life with the people God has placed before her — people like her pastor and her co-workers.  

Life on earth is short. Eckardt is convinced that life is about the kinds of relationships we don’t deserve. 

She advises not to worry or stress about when those relationships are coming. 

“God just places those people in your life — whether you want a broken leg or not,” Eckardt said. “He’s working all things for the good of those who love him. I truly believe that.”

But just as she poured into her son, Ezra that morning and told him not to worry, her co-workers poured into her.

“Don’t worry about the tornados,” Eckardt said.