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Taylor University, Upland, IN
Monday, June 24, 2024
The Echo

Health resources available for Taylor students

Many services available at no cost to students

The health center is a resource close to campus that many students are unaware of. Indiana University Health currently partners with Taylor University to offer students free checkups and minor health testing.

Visits to the health center, located across from the admissions office, are included with students’ room and board payment. This means that students have unlimited access to the services the health center provides, such as flu testing, pregnancy testing or mono testing, among others. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 testing is not covered under the Taylor student health fees at this time. Some testing, like COVID testing, is still offered, but is out of pocket instead of through Taylor.

Skip Trudeau is the vice president for student development and director of the master of arts in higher education program at Taylor. Additionally, he has helped make this resource available to students, to increase their access to healthcare. 

“[The charge] is part of your room and board, and that gives you access at no charge,” Trudeau said.

There are many benefits to having this service — specifically, the fact that it is both free and exclusive to students.

“It’s covered so students don’t have to pay anything out of pocket,” Trudeau said. “Given our location, the fact that so many of our students are from a distance and don’t have a relationship with a local doctor, it gives them that level of healthcare.”

Jennifer Bosley is a family nurse practitioner and the main provider that sees Taylor students. Monday through Wednesday and Friday, it is possible to walk in and see Dr. Bosley from 1-4 p.m., and on Thursdays from 8:30-11:50 a.m.

Even when the doctor is not in the office, students are still welcome to come into the health center and be triaged — offered a quick overview and vitals check — by a nurse. Nurses can also make a note of illnesses at that time, to further help the doctor at the time of a later appointment.

Christian Bradley, the supervisor of the health center, acknowledges there have been some issues of communication with Taylor students and staff. Specifically, there have been issues with students delaying visits.

The main point Bradley would like to convey is the importance of seeking medical attention at the first sign of illness, not after a student has already missed class for several days. 

“The problem is, we cannot write (sick) notes for students that we have not triaged or seen,” Bradley said. “One of the issues we run into is students being sick for two or three days prior to coming in and skipping class on their own accord, expecting a sick note.”

The best way for students to make appointments is by calling the front desk or walking in for an appointment, even though it is not always guaranteed they will be seen immediately. 

Students can schedule appointments at (765) 770-0650.