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Taylor University, Upland, IN
Tuesday, April 16, 2024
The Echo
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Students prepare for this year’s ‘birthday party’ themed MyGen

New theme for MyGen event is revealed

Fall is stumbling into winter, and a similar despondency is visible around campus as students mulch over the midterm rut that inevitably pops up every semester. Taylor’s endless barrage of activities steam on, unaffected by the whims and moods of the general public, as it strives to change those “meh’s” into “YEAH!’s.”

The next big event that you don’t want to miss out on is MyGen — short for My Generation. MyGen is a long-held Taylor tradition put on by the Student Activities Council (SAC). It is a concert that showcases music from the year Taylor University's seniors were born (which would be 2000 this year) and beyond. Students across campus audition to be a part of the show, performing songs they love from the student body's generation.

MyGen gives students opportunities to perform that they may not otherwise have, as very few of the performers are music majors. Seeing students from a variety of majors and social groups come together to share their talents is the touch of Taylor-ness that we see around campus. 

The expected turnout of 1,000 demonstrates the support that students have for their friends and creates a platform for our many musically talented people on campus. It also reaches out into the Upland community because of its current, live music. It’s appealing for professors, students and kids, which follows TSO’s mission of bringing people together.

Last year’s MyGen included songs like Sara Bareilles’s 2007 song, “Love Song,” and The Killers’ 2003 song, “Mr. Brightside,” which were massive hits and leaves one eagerly expectant to see what the talented students of Taylor have to offer this year.

In utter contrast to last year’s theme of “Frankenstein,” the theme for this year’s MyGen is “birthday party.” 

“We want to evoke the feelings of joy and delight and happiness,”said Sophomore SAC member Laura Edwards. 

Expect to see blues and oranges and pinks and yellows as Rediger will get liberally decked with birthday-themed decorations.

The planning process for the event has been arduous with senior Sirlene Gonzalez leading the SAC team with grace and ingenuity. The twelve members of the cabinet break into small groups which focus on individual tasks. 

Students tend to wait outside the closed doors for hours in advance to secure prime seating to cheer their friends and classmates on. This year, expect party games along the way to numb the pain of waiting for hours on end for the glorious spectacle of MyGen. 

Edwards said, “I feel like this will be a really uplifting event and theme.”  Come with open ears and hearts to one of the most electrifying nights of the year!

See you at MyGen on Oct. 29.