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Taylor University, Upland, IN
Saturday, June 22, 2024
The Echo
Over the summer, Rose White interned at Samaritan's Purse..jpeg

Outside-of-the-Box Interns

Pulling back the curtain on summer internship experiences

From the courtroom to L’Oréal, Taylor students were able to experience a taste of the corporate world this summer through a wide variety of internships. 

Senior Rose White, computer science and digital media major, interned at the Samaritan’s Purse headquarters in Boone, North Carolina. 

White’s internship lasted about two months, and the days were packed with immersive learning and community engagement.  

Interning at a Christian organization, White mentioned how every morning began with a devotion.

“Everybody came together and we heard someone speak,” White said. “Then we pray together and get papers of different missionaries they have out in the field.”

This was a way to engage the interns and employees alike with their missionaries overseas, making the company more unified across the board.

After morning devotion, White would begin her day by working on web app development. She did this throughout the summer. From analyzing data to working on visual presentations, White had a busy schedule. 

“Samaritan’s Purse is a smaller company, so they allowed me to explore my interests more than a bigger company might,” White said.

This freedom allowed her to feel affirmed in her studies and passions.

Senior JD Fritzeen, a communications major, was thrown into the world of marketing during his internship at L’Oréal. 

Originally, the internship was supposed to be in New York but prior to starting, they went fully virtual. 

This 10-week program consisted of long days and different opportunities each day. 

“Each intern is given an intern project,” Fritzeen said. “One of the main reasons why I chose this internship is because it’s based around real world issues.” 

Fritzeen was assigned a project to create a 360-launch strategy for a product. 

Extensive research went into Fritzeen’s presentation and he soon became more knowledgeable about the beauty industry. 

“It was a project where I hit the ground running pretty quick. I started in my second or third week because I presented during the sixth week, which is pretty early when a lot of other interns presented the tenth week,” Fritzeen said. “It was kind of rough, but I loved getting to do it that early.”

While it may seem intimidating for Taylor students to apply for internships outside of alumni and Taylor connections, Fritzeen proved that it is attainable and accessible to do just that. 

Fritzeen commented on how willing professors are to go the extra mile to mentor and support you. Taking the first step is a necessary part of that process. 

"Don’t let the fear of rejection weigh you down,” Fritzeen said.

Junior Ellie Campbell, a double major in Political Science, Philosophy and Economics as well as Spanish, interned at the Noblesville City Court. 

Wanting to pursue law school, this internship was the perfect opportunity for her to further her experience. 

“I assisted with entering resolved court cases into the court management system while also aiding in a variety of clerical tasks, assisting customers, filing documents and scanning cases,” Campbell said. 

Campbell was able to attend work functions where she could interact with and meet other young professionals, as well as notable lawyers and judges. 

Networking and connecting with established people in one’s desired field is an important part of the internship experience.

“My favorite part was the people in the office,” Campbell said. “I worked with three middle-aged moms all summer and they imparted their wisdom in me, whether that was related to work or just personal experience.” 

Campbell not only worked in the office daily, but was able to partake in several other activities engaging with the community — from going on police and EMT rides to participating in court trials. 

As each of these internship experiences demonstrates, Taylor continuously prepares and equips students to achieve their dreams and perform well within their desired careers.