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The Echo
Taylor University, Upland, IN
Friday, June 14, 2024
The Echo

Spring into warm weather

Taylor students enjoy the return of the sun

After a harsh winter that felt like ages, Taylor University is finally getting its first taste of spring.

Of course, that does not mean there will always be warm days in Indiana, but the sunshine and green grass are certainly welcome sights to see.

As students leave their dorms to go to class, they are met with the heat of the sun and cool air flowing around them. The birds are chirping and flowers are blooming. At last, everybody can ditch their heavy winter coats and embrace the beauty of spring. 

“It is nice to be able to wear a T-shirt and shorts and Chacos and not have to worry about getting a frostbite,” said sophomore Hallie Winship.

The rays of the bright sun hit backpacks while students walk to and from class, and there is no concern about slipping on ice or hands feeling numb.

“Instead of walking through buildings to get to places, I’ll go around the outside,” said senior McKayla Barbour.

Basking in a nice spring bliss does wonders to everyone’s moods after being cooped up in the dorms for a few months, and many people are eager to get out and chill in hammocks or have a spikeball tournament with friends.

Even the walks to class are a delight amidst the stresses throughout each day.

Now that the snow has melted and the weather is getting warmer, there are so many more activities that Taylor students are able to take part in.

“I like to just sit outside with friends, play card games or just stare at the sky,” said Winship.

Students flock to Olson Beach to play rounds of volleyball and bask in the cool, breezy day. 

Not only is Vitamin D more accessible, but walking around or playing sports can release tension from sitting in desks for a long time.

It is even great to just take walks in the night because there is not this sense of urgency of making it back to the warmth of the dorm. Time is standing still in the brisk air of the night sky.

“This warm weather really just gives me the chance to take my time and enjoy things at night,” said sophomore Kharis Rutherford.

Warm weather also means that tolf is back on campus, so with that, people may or may not want to avoid getting hit by students playing tolf.

Eating outside is finally available again, and while it is super nice to be able to eat out in the natural air, it is an even greater feeling to work on homework outside.

On top of having the chance to spend quality time with friends, or bask in the sunshine in solitude, there are many other things to appreciate and enjoy the springtime. 

It is hard to think of something that is more delightful than seeing things grow, and with the snow all gone (or so it seems,) plants and vegetation are given the chance to rise up from the ground.

The sweet fragrance of flowers surrounds the air, and it is impossible to feel down in the company of flowers.

Also, the emergence of spring means the emergence of longer days.

There is more time to get things done or to enjoy a beautiful day with friends, and the sun being out longer is simply a joy.

Spring calls for a celebration of holidays such as Easter, giving us a chance to reconnect with our loved ones, and worship the Risen Lord.

Sports fans are able to support their favorite baseball or tennis team during games, and revel in the excitement of the day.

Warm weather allows renewal and growth, and it provides fun activities to bring friends and family together. 

When a long and harsh winter ends, warm weather is very much appreciated.