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Taylor University, Upland, IN
Friday, June 14, 2024
The Echo

MyGen offers a unique Taylor experience

By Carlee Svec | Contributor

Carlee Svec

Fall Semester: a time filled with reunions with friends, football games and figuring out how you're going to finish all 12 papers due this semester. I think it's safe to say that campus is buzzing with energy and full of life. But, with the whirlwind of activities on campus it can be easy to get lost in the never-ending announcement emails and wing traditions. Among the midst of every Taylor tradition, there is one special event that really makes fall semester come alive.

That's right folks, MyGen season is upon us once again and this year is rumored to be a memorable one. Not sure what this crazy cool night is? Do you have a musical talent you are willing to showcase to the Taylor student body? Are you a MyGen vet who wants to audition again? As a Taylor Student Organization Student Activities Council member, I'm here to answer all your questions and provide you with a little insight as to how this event has impacted our campus in the past.

MyGen is defined by senior Katie Klingstedt as a "musical showcase put on by the Student Activities Council every year to exhibit the talents of different students across campus."

Sophomore Lauren Smith enjoyed listening to different varieties of music by her generation for her generation, played by students from all over campus.

Kristen Pogue, sophomore, is auditioning for MyGen because she sees it as a great opportunity to play a variety of music and because MyGen has a fun, party atmosphere.

Not sure if MyGen is for you?

"Just do it because you don't have many opportunities to be able to do something like this in your life," Pogue said.

The music selection is always songs from the year the senior class was born until present, so, this year it's any song from 1996 and onward. Think Tupac to Taylor Swift, and Metallica to Maroon 5. The genre, artist, and song choices are endless! So, if you're looking to serenade us with Celine Dion, or shake your thing to Shakira sign up to audition!

Have a song, but no band? Have a band, but no singer? Use our musician database (link in the student announcement) to find some people to connect with so you make your act amazing!

Auditions are October 9 and 10 and you can sign up to audition today in the dining commons from 5 p.m-7 p.m.