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You are the voice. We are the echo.
The Echo
Taylor University, Upland, IN
Thursday, May 30, 2024
The Echo

Get Involved

Since 1913, The Echo has given students professional experience, team building skills and resume material. We offer aspiring journalists a place to grow and hone their skills as they produce an award winning weekly newspaper. The addition of has given students even more opportunity to become involved with web writing and production as well as social media engagement.

What positions are open in The Echo?

Every year we hire new writers, section editors, photographers, page designers and copy editors. We have a rolling application deadline that goes from the spring (For Editors) to the fall (For new writers).

How do I start working for The Echo News?

The first thing to do is submit an application. When we receive your application, we will contact you by e-mail so you can sign up for a time to go through orientation. Orientation will familiarize you with the newsroom, staff, policies and operation of The Echo. After that, we will assign a newsroom staffer for you to profile. Your profile will give us an idea your skill level; this will also give you a chance to meet some of the editors.

Can any student apply to become a reporter or photographer?

Yes, all students who bring necessary skills to the table are invited to apply to be a part of The Echo team. All majors are welcome.

What do I need to do to write an opinion?

Look for ads for opinions pieces in the pages of The Echo or contact the opinion editor.

What if I want to take photos?

New photographers work and train with the photo editors or seasoned staff photographers rather than going through the general
assignments desk. The editors show new photographers everything from how to take good photos to where to pick up photo assignments and check out The Echo cameras. The newsroom has high-end digital SLR cameras and video equipment for photographers and videographers to shoot assignments.

What if I want to design pages?

Just like the photo department, designers go through the design editor rather than general assignments. The design editors and
professional staff offer training and will show you how to make a page visually appealing. Previous knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite is a must!

Does The Echo help me get internships and jobs?

Definitely. Graduates who can say they are published writers or photographers are often given priority in job openings. The Echo has
supplied Fox News, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal and many other news agencies with highly skilled
employees and interns.