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The Echo
Taylor University, Upland, IN
Saturday, June 22, 2024
The Echo

Hodson Dining Commons close temporarily

University facilitates additional dining options for students

On Thursday, April 6, the Hodson Dining Commons (DC) closed after breakfast to address a pest issue. It remained shuttered until Friday, April 14. An email from Chief Financial Officer Stephen Olson explained that the university had partnered with an exterminator to resolve the pest issue. 

The default dining venue, LaRita Boren Campus Center continued to have normal dining hours and, in light of such events, additional food options. Parkhurst provided dining options for students with food sensitivities or allergies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Boren meal swipe limit was waived for this time as well.

Students also had access to food trucks —eligible for meal swipes— from local food vendors such as Pappies Smokehouse & Lunch Box and Payne's Restaurant. 

“Increasing the quality of our dining experience – including not only the food served, but also the environment it is served in – is one of our top priorities,” Olson’s email said.

Employees who worked primarily in the DC were moved to Boren to account for student meal demands.

Olson also said they have removed the entire East serving line in Hodson as they continue to fully eradicate the pests. Parkhurst has made adjustments to accommodate dining options previously in that area.

Additional details about such renovations and other advancements in the DC would be announced soon.

The Echo will provide more information on the situation in coming editions.