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Taylor University, Upland, IN
Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Faces of MAHE

Second-year MAHE students introduce themselves

The Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Development program (MAHE) embraces the idea that students’ experiences outside of the classroom are as fundamentally educational as their experiences inside of the classroom. 

MAHE recognizes that educational stewardship extends beyond the academic buildings and views student development educators as faculty members who contribute in a unique way to the whole-person education offered at Taylor. 

Over the course of two years, MAHE students prepare for careers in higher education by exploring material that teaches, models and applies higher education practices from a Christian perspective.

Each of the individuals below are entering their second and final year in Taylor’s MAHE program.

Get to know their faces and greet them the next time you spot them around campus! 

Benjamin Williams

Ben Williams:       

Home: Palm Springs, California (also known as Coachella)

Current address: Off campus — in the “B-Rick” House on Taylor Street

Responsibilities: Williams supervises the Student Activities Council under the umbrella of Taylor Student Organizations (TSO). He has also served the counseling center on campus through marketing and data analysis. 

Fun Fact: He is self-admittedly easy to sneak up on — a 150 Ib. turtle snuck up on him in Peru and bit his ankle.

Most looking forward to: The new events that the Student Activities Council (SAC) will put on this year, as well as defending his MAHE thesis later this year.

“Come on out and support us!” Williams said.

Emma Hagen

Emma Hagan:    

Home: Nazareth, Pennsylvania 

Current address: On campus — in the Honors Lodge

Responsibilities: As the Honors Guild Graduate Assistant (GA) for the second year, Hagan works alongside the Honors cabinet to plan events that engage their yearly theme. Hagan is also co-teaching an intercultural learning course for Honors students as they prepare for a Greece trip in January.

Fun Fact: She played the cello for one year during college.

Most looking forward to: Spending time with her cohort and students.  

“They make life so rich and exciting!” Hagan said.

Eryn Marburger

Eryn Marburger:

Home: Concord, North Carolina

Current address: Off campus — in DuSouth on First Street

Responsibilities: As a MAHE GA, Marburger plans events for the MAHE cohorts and assists the faculty. Additionally, she helps recruit students and lends a hand with the admissions process. 

“It's the best job and I feel so privileged to work with such an amazing team!” Marburger said. 

Fun Fact: She owns a gourmet cookie business — Sugar Side Up Cookie Co.!

Most looking forward to: Living in Upland! Additionally, Marburger loves building relationships with her professors and cohort.

“I'm so glad I have another year here to enjoy this special place with an amazing group of friends to learn alongside,” Marburger said.           


Jared Hobson

Jared Hobson:

Home: Corning, New York— “America's most fun small town” according to a 2013 news article

Current address: On campus — in an apartment on First West Wengatz

Responsibilities: Hobson is the GA Hall Director, or “Mayor,” of Wengatz. He works closely with the Hall Director (HD), Jacob Gerding, and supervises the hall’s Discipleship Assistants (DAs) and front desk operations.

Fun Fact: He took an ornithology course in college and is low-key obsessed with birds.

“I even have an app on my phone for identifying and logging the different birds I see,” Hobson said.

Most looking forward to: All of the favorite Taylor traditions that he missed last year and the opportunity to co-host a WTUR radio show with fellow MAHE classmate and bestie Shelby Robbins.        

Kimie Kline

Kimie Kline:

Home: New Haven, Indiana

Current address: On campus — in Bergwall Hall

Responsibilities: As the Assistant HD of Berg, Kline oversees the DAs and assists with the Personnel Assistants (PAs).

Fun Fact: Kline was voted “Senior of the Year” at her undergraduate institution, Indiana Wesleyan University.

Most looking forward to: Cultivating opportunities for students to enjoy and take part in the magnitude of experiences that a college campus offers. Additionally, as she begins her last year of MAHE, Kline looks forward to pouring into the relationships she has built at Taylor.         

Madison Miyakawa

Madison Miyakawa:   

Home: McKinney, Texas. However, before coming to Upland to participate in Taylor’s MAHE program, Miyakawa lived in Waco, Texas for three years. 

Current address: Off campus

Responsibilities: Miyakawa works at the Academic Enrichment Center and as a First Year Experience GA.

Fun Fact: Miyakawa is a Taylor alumna and a former member of the women’s soccer team.

Most looking forward to: Going to chapel this year.                   

Shelby Robbins

Shelby Robbins:

Home: Rockville, Indiana

Current address: On campus — Wolgemuth Hall

Responsibilities: As Wolgie’s hall director, Robbins co-leads the apartment PA staff and directs the upperclassman hall while simultaneously helping students navigate their senior year in a new living space. On top of her MAHE assistantship, Robbins is a barista at The Jumping Bean.

Fun Fact: She can say her ABC’s backwards!

Most looking forward to: Continuing to foster relationships with her cohort, professors, supervisors, colleagues and students!

Stanley Duncan

Stanley Duncan:

Home: Evansville, Indiana

Current address: Off campus

Responsibilities: Duncan currently works with 21st Century Scholars at Anderson University as an AmeriCorps ScholarCorps member.

Fun Fact: He is an identical twin.

Most looking forward to: Each new day on campus, and ultimately graduating from the MAHE program. 

“I know that will be a special day for me, and my cohort,” Duncan said.

The following individuals are also involved in the MAHE program for their second year:

Ethan McNeil                 

Jake Smarrella

Mike Miller