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Taylor University, Upland, IN
Thursday, May 30, 2024
The Echo

Kwame Asamoah shares his passion to give back to his community

With a passion for the human mind, Student desires to spark change

Sophomore Kwame Asamoah desires to give back to his community using his interests in the human brain and mental health.

Throughout Asamoah’s early school years in Ghana and the United States, he developed a strong fascination with the way the brain worked and processed information. As a result, Asamoah grew a strong desire to research everything he could, and strives to use that knowledge to be a blessing to others.

When the time came to look into colleges, he had a good idea of his vocation. He just needed to look for a college that offered what he was looking for. 

His dad had a connection with a woman on the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) board who also happened to be on the Taylor board. Through her and his dad’s help, Asamoah was able to be a part of the Taylor community.

He knew Taylor would be the place where he could gain fantastic experience in his studies and grow as a person.

After going through the college process, Asamoah declared his major as biology pre-med so he could further his studies in science. Eventually, he hopes to take more psychology classes so that he can gain a better understanding of mental health.

Classes such as organic chemistry have helped him understand how various reactions work, and even though it can be tough, it can certainly be applied to his potential career.

During his time as a biology pre-med major, one class he really enjoyed was a research methods course.

“I felt like I learned the most from Dr. B, and I felt that I was actually understanding the problems,” said Asamoah. “A lot of it was the idea of thinking about how to do science and not just being told what to do.”

Over the summer, Asamoah hopes to apply what he has learned at an internship at one of his local hospitals in Ghana. If it ends up working out, he hopes he can use it to gain clinical experience and feel confident in his future career.

Asamoah has a few career paths in mind and has also considered doing something related to sports such as biomechanics.

In addition to sports, he is interested in being a psychologist, or something surrounding neuroscience.

In whatever he does, he wants to use his talents and knowledge as a way to give back to his community.

Not only has Asamoah grown in his studies, but he has also grown as a person at Taylor.

Back in the fall of 2020, Asamoah and one of his friends were preceptors for the freshman foundation course. It was one of the most memorable things he got to do at Taylor.

Apart from digging into the curriculum, their group would plan activities like playing tolf or getting burgers.

“For me, I’d like to know more because it was a growing experience,” said Asamoah.

Aside from being a preceptor, he is also a part of the track team and International Student Society (ISS).I.

Through Asamoah’s involvement in classes and the Taylor community, he noticed how much his confidence has grown.

“I kind of had this weird spot where I was telling myself why not do things, instead of why I do it, said Asamoah. “Like, the reason I gave myself for doing things was, why not do it, kind of mindset.”

Most importantly, Asamoah’s trust in Christ has grown enormously.

“I’ve learned about a lot of my thoughts are not his thoughts … no man makes us plans but the Lord guides his steps,” said Asamoah.

As Asamoah continues his studies and involvement at Taylor, he hopes to eventually give back to his community.