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Taylor University, Upland, IN
Thursday, May 30, 2024
The Echo

Airband makes its grand return to the stage

Spring is back and so is Airband

Taylor students share their excitement as Airband is still on for the spring of 2021. 

As we have seen from Nostalgia Night, there will be many changes in regard to audience capacity and requirements for performances. There is a lot of confusion and uncertainties surrounding how Airband will be showcased this year in the age COVID-19.

Sophomore Israel Smith, a member of ICC, shared what some of the biggest regulations will be for Airband. 

“Masks for everyone,” Smith said. “Masks in the audience. Masks for the groups that are doing it. That’s the biggest thing. We’ll be sanitizing all the chairs.” 

In short, Smith expressed that the guidelines would be the same as what Taylor University has put in place for the school year. However, they will be intensified for the night of Airband. 

Just like Nostalgia Night, there will be two showings in order to regulate the masses of students and prevent the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible. It will be required for students to space out throughout the theater. This means leaving seats open between themselves and their peers. Those in the same family unit will also be required to social distance. 

“As for online showings, I know that was an idea that was thrown around, but mainly for parents and people that typically come from off campus,” freshman ICC member Emily Johnson said. “I don’t know if that is necessarily for students, but I’m sure that it can be.”

Smith echoed this idea, affirming that students in quarantine or isolation would still be able to participate in the online showings of Airband. 

Johnson expressed how Taylor is committed to improve with their enforcement of COVID-19 guidelines with every new event.

Concern was raised after the second showing of Nostalgia Night due to numerous regulations being broken. Some students snuck in, while others ignored social distancing rules. 

ICC hopes Airband will go more smoothly regarding CDC guidelines. 

“Obviously, practices are stricter than usual.” “Less times are available when it comes to space and making sure people are wearing their masks,” Johnson said. “When it comes to the actual night, I’m pretty sure it’s just regular. Wear masks and do what you’ve got to do to keep the COVID-19 levels low.”

While many groups are staying with the previous year’s choreography that they were not able to perform, others look forward to starting fresh as more members have joined. 

With the lack of available practice times, however, the ability to add new dances becomes more challenging for Airband groups.

“The music building is off limits.” “In the past years, a lot of bands would practice in the band room, but they’re being very strict that the music building is for music majors,” Smith shared. 

Despite all of these new rules, excitement increases on campus.

Not only will this be the first Airband for the new freshman and transfer students, but it will be a new experience for sophomores, having been sent home early last school year. 

Sophomore Mary Sargent is participating in Airband for the first time this year. 

“Even with all of these changes, Airband will be so much fun.” “I have looked forward to it for so long,” Sargent said.

Taylor students are making the most out the cards they’ve been dealt. Get ready for an exciting event built from over a year of anticipation on April 10th.