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The Echo
Taylor University, Upland, IN
Saturday, June 22, 2024
The Echo

Student artist helps small business through summer work

Taylor Student and The Bridge Collaborate

Senior Clarissa Paschall narrates her journey of reflection.

Paschall accredits her art as her method of applying imagery to the Lord’s Word. 

She serves as no stranger to The Bridge, even remaining involved with them during the midst of a pandemic. Because she lived in Upland at the time and deeply loves the Bridge, Paschall wanted to help support the local coffee shop through this time of financial difficulty. 

As an artist, she created several pieces of art and displaced them at the shop. These new creations  launched her into selling these pieces from the shop, as well as on social media through Instagram. 

Selling her art served as her method of helping support a place where she has found peace and beauty within her time at Taylor. It also helped the artist remain connected to the community of Upland through these challenging times. 

Being selected as The Bridge’s featured artist of the month, Paschall curated several pieces in a collection, titling the showcase “Contemplating Grace.” Through this exhibit, Paschall’s art guides viewers through her personal journey of faith as she reflects on the Lord’s call on her life. 

“Since beginning at Taylor, I really felt like the Lord has brought this new purpose to my art,” Paschall said.“This more worshipfulness to it and has developed into a tool to come to know Truth and come to know Christ through imagery, rather than just the Word.” 

She highlights art as her outlet of pursuing the Lord and touches on the principle of how the Lord calls each individual to pursue him through a multitude of outlets. 

Paschall explained that her art includes a more rough approach. Additionally, she said her art is much different from the standard looks of a professional artist, detailing it as an honest reflection of her faith rather than a professional look. She drew back to the point that the Lord taught her several principles about perfection. Furthermore, she also describes how the Lord pushed her in the idea of trusting her artistic abilities in the process of creating. 

“B plus and B minus work changes people too,” Paschall said. 

She emphasized the importance that her work and this journey held on her faith, showing that the Lord wants to meet us where we are at, even if that is in the midst of the dirt or the midst of our struggles.  

Many of the pieces within the exhibit are sketches based on her journey, ranging from sketches of a girl dancing to a detailed portrait of Christ kneeling at the throne. 

One specific piece in the show that she highlights, titled “Unashamed,” illustrated a portrait of Christ kneeling at the throne with a flower in hand while reaching out His hand to reach a young girl running toward Him. 

Paschall said this was her favorite piece within the showcase. She explained the storyline behind the piece with the understanding that we can be fully unashamed in front of the Lord because He welcomes us to meet with Him. Additionally, he humbles himself by meeting us in this way. 

She advised the viewers of her art to truly ask and engage the Lord in the ways that he calls us to worship him. Her art emphasizes that each individual’s call to worship and meet with the Lord looks very different. With that, they should find what avenue they are called to meet with him through and pursue it wholeheartedly. 

Paschall’s showcase will continue to run through the beginning of September at The Bridge. At the close of the exhibit, she plans to continue selling art pieces. She also hopes to remain partnered with The Bridge as a venue to display and sell her art.